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Air Bn'B

Elom 16 June 2019 📷

I have traveled to 20 countries thus far and have had quite a few experiences! I can say without any doubt that my girlfriend and I's experience with Captain Timothy was probably the best and most special one thus far. I booked the ride our 2nd anniversary and wanted it to be unique. Captain Timothy and his wife went above and beyond to make our yacht ride special and it was the absolute highlight of our 10-day adventure trip. The boat was very clean and cozy and the heater in his cabin was amazingly warm in the cold winds. They were both accommodating and had literally anything one could need on such an experience available (food, beverages, snacks). He was very responsive while also providing us with ample privacy as we cruised around the Sausalito waters. His lovely wife made us an anniversary ribbon and they even had some champagne ready for us as we did not have time to bring our own drink. The yacht ride itself was a dream that one can only experience to truly appreciate. We witnessed a magnificent sunset while cruising around Belvedere and Richardson Bay and Captain Timothy even let us take the wheels as we rode back to the harbor. We chatted with him and learned about his incredible background and love for his craft. He is a genuine man who loves what he does and goes above and beyond to ensure that all of your needs are met while you're on the boat. You end up feeling like the boat is yours. This experience deserves more than five stars! I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it for any occasion. Do not hesitate and just book it. It is more than worth it! Next time I am in San Francisco, I will absolutely book this again, whether it is with family of friends.

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Air Bn'B


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