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Air Bn'B

Vidur 16 June 2019 📷

This booking is absolutely worth it, you would be very hard pressed to find a better value here in the Bay Area. It's a beautiful, spacious, and comfortable boat with an incredibly qualified and knowledgeable captain. That alone makes it worth the price, but Captain Tim goes above and beyond in his presentation and hospitality. He truly loves his craft and it absolutely shows. He was super responsive, courteous, and accommodating even before I booked this--answering all my questions quickly so I felt great about making the booking. Captain Tim welcomes you on his ship and he means it when he says "my ship is your ship." From the great selection of snacks and beverages to having blankets, hand warmers, and seasickness bands ready and available -- Tim goes above and beyond what any average Bay Area captain does and would do (trust me, I've experienced my fair share of charter boats here) to make sure everyone is comfortable and is enjoying their time. He's such a great and nice guy -- my family and I honestly spent most of the time on the boat hanging out at the helm chatting with him and hearing his stories because we enjoyed his personality so much! He was super gracious in letting us take the helm and teaching us the mechanics and procedures around boating -- my brother was glued to the wheel! Will definitely be back and already have two more trips with Captain Tim in the making. I will reiterate, you will be hard pressed to find a better boating experience in the Bay Area.

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Air Bn'B


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