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Amanda 23 May 2019 📷 Captain Tim is PERFECT!! Everyone, please read my other, slightly earlier review for the Captain since it encapsulates why anyone and everyone should definitely book this experience of a lifetime! It was so amazing that my boyfriend and I booked it a second time during our Bay Area trip, right after we finished our first cruise/tour, which is why I am able to leave 2 reviews for the same experience. Five stars does not do justice for what you will experience with Captain Timothy, he deserves a hundred stars, if possible! Write a public response

Amanda 22 May 2019 📷 Captain Timothy is the quintessential captain and consummate host! Both of the times that my boyfriend and I embarked with him on his yacht Shanutski for a grand tour of the waters surrounding Sausalito/Belvedere/Tiburon and around the veritable cornucopia of memorable landmarks in the San Francisco Bay including the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and Angel Island, Captain Timothy thought of everything, down to the tiniest detail, to ensure a highly personalized and majestic experience for us! We had originally only booked one reservation with Captain Timothy for a daytime cruise during our visit to the Bay Area, but our first experience with him was so magnificent and glorious being on the tranquil waters that day and taking in the sights and sounds of the Bay that upon disembarking, my boyfriend and I immediately booked a sunset cruise for the very next day so that we could experience the Captain's endless warmth, hospitality, and thoughtfulness against the backdrop of the setting sun on the Bay. During our first cruise, Captain Timothy provided us a tray filled with delicious crackers and a variety of cheeses, along with a cooler of almost every beverage imaginable and a smorgasbord of other treats/snacks, and prior to our second cruise with him, the Captain messaged me beforehand to inquire if we would like to partake in a nighttime barbecue utilizing his on-board grill for dinner on the water. We ended up bringing a selection of sausages we purchased at a local market, which Captain Timothy was more than happy to grill for us after he dropped anchor, and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Richardson Bay, filled with great conversation and insightful anecdotes! Captain Timothy also made sure that our second trip with him was novel and different from our first, not only regarding the time of day that we were embarking, but more importantly, with regards to the course he charted for us, which allowed my boyfriend and I to view new and highly interesting parts of both Alcatraz and Angel Island, all while Captain Timothy expertly navigated the waters, pointed out to us marine wildlife such as seals and dolphins, and even took several gorgeous photos of my boyfriend and me when we passed the Golden Gate! Simply put, this was the single best experience of our entire trip to the Bay Area, and I highly recommend everyone even remotely contemplating this cruise/tour to go ahead and book it; it is more than worth the price you pay and the experience could truly be deemed "once in a lifetime!"

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